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Other Commercial Businesses Include:
Aero on Wolf Lake Hangar Leasing 6621 East Skyhawk Circle (907) 746-7218
Air-Speed Alaska LLC 6620 E Skyhawk Circle (907) 746-5171
Alaska Claims SVS, Inc (Prestige Worldwide) 6205 E Beechcraft Cir (907) 357-8000
Alaska Cub Trainging Specialists (ACTS) 6252 E Beechcraft Cir (907) 745-0945
Fly N Fish (No See Um Lodge) 6218 E Beechcraft Cir (907) 232-0729
Sky Airparts International Inc 6690 E Beechcraft Rd (907) 277-0006
Wolf Lake Aircraft Services 6454 E Beechcraft Rd (907) 746-2726

The businesses listed on this site are limited to property owners of Wolf Lake Airport.
Wolflake Airport Businesses
Castor Aviation Ltd.
Helicopter Flight School and Aircraft Services
Pilot Training - Aerial Photography - Aircraft Leasing/Rental - Maintenance
Pollux Aviation Ltd.
Full service helicopter charter.
Charter - External Lift - Fire Suppresion - Tours

Located at 6540 E Beechcraft Road
(907) 746-0673 or email
visit us at
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