D.E.NorthFork, LLC
6382 E. Beechcraft RD.
Wasilla, Alaska  99654
Snow:  The runway is plowed when the snow is between 2 and 3 inches deep.
There is no plowing if the forecast is for continued snow, unless there is approx. 10 inches of accumulation.

Mowing:  The grass is mowed when it is between 8 and 12 inches long.
This can be delayed if it continues to rain.

Fertilizing:  This is done in the spring.  If it appears as if the color is lacking, will fertilize
again in August or early September.

Hydro-ax Brush Control:  The brush is cut each year.

Crack Seal:  Runway is crack sealed by mid summer, earlier if weather permits.  It must be dry and no rain in the forecast.

Windsocks:  These are changed when they have been torn and won’t register accurate wind readings.

Cross Wind Runway Grading:  This runway gets graded and compacted once a year.  The timing depends on rain.  This work must be done when wet.

Runway & Taxiway Sweeping:  Occurs in the spring, after snowplowing is complete, or as needed.

Airport Lighting:  Bulb replacement, equipment breakage, controller equipment maintenance, as needed.

Paint:  When worn, work completed in mid summer when dry. Usually every other year.

Signs:  As needed.

Portable Toilet:  Provided year round, located at the fuel station.

Vandalism or Acts of God:  Repairs made as needed.