Sharing the Alaskan Skies for over 35 Years

Sharing the Alaskan Skies for over 35 Years

Sharing the Alaskan Skies for over 35 Years


Wolf Lake Airport has provided an airstrip to residential and commercial flyers for nearly 40 years, and we are proud to serve as your gateway to the beautiful Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

Join us and embrace the Alaskan way of life with a trusted aviation community surrounding you and helping you prepare for your next flight. 

Mission Statement

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To provide residents and friends of Wolf Lake Airport with a safe and well-maintained runway that meets or exceeds the expectations of its users.

Our History

Wolf Lake Airport is a vision that has prevailed for over three decades and throughout the course of a turbulent Alaskan economy. Now in our 38th year of operation, we are proud to serve as one of Alaska’s premier private airports.

Our Story

Back in the 1970’s Alaska was in the midst of a construction boom. The Glenn Highway to the Valley was being completed and Maurice Wilson, an Alaska engineer, and land surveyor, thought that there might be an opportunity with Alaska’s growing number of private pilots, to develop an airport-affiliated residential/commercial subdivision. Wilson had been developing subdivisions since 1963 in Valdez, Soldotna, Kenai, Homer, Big Lake, Anchorage, and the Mat-Su Valley. He studied topography maps for suitable locations and attended Airport Master Planning and Airport Design at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City in an effort to find the best location for the airpark he had in mind.

The Wolf Lake area was where Maury’s search landed, with potential floatplane lake, prevailing wind for the east-west runway, and a crosswind area near Hart Lake for hangers and tie-downs. Best of all, only three parcels, all homesteads, were available to make the 1.25-mile x .5 mile footprint needed for the development. Wilson bought the Wolf Lake south-shore homestead with its small lakeside log cabin, and partnered with the Chao Estate (administered by a CPA) and with L.S. (Jerry) Kurtz Jr., an attorney, to implement the master plan.

The State Park at the east end of Wolf Lake facilitated the extension of Engstrom Road off of Bogard Road for access, and in 1982 Aero Subdivision on Wolf Lake was approved by the Mat Su Borough. Through Mr. Wilson’s guidance, the first 20 homes along the lake and adjacent east-west runway were erected.

The late 1980s brought economic decline, but in 1993 John Eshleman, founder of Steppers Construction Inc., a new homeowner at Wolf Lake Airport and former Soldotna homesteader, accepted a contract to extend the runway and build the float slips and commercial area. Between 1994 and 1998 under John’s guidance, Steppers Construction extended runway 6/24 to 3800 ft, built the crosswind gravel strip 18/36, and paved runway 6/24 (Summit Paving).

In 1997 John Eshleman and wife Barb Doty purchased the privately-owned airport in its entirety including much of the surrounding undeveloped land and proceeded to finish building the access roads, taxiways, and lots that comprise the overall Wolf Lake Airport Subdivision. John was an avid aviator, and did much of the airport improvements on his own time between construction jobs, building many of the signature affordable “Hanger Houses” that served as the backbone of the Airpark. During this time the airport was grubbed, graded, topsoil, and grassed, resulting in better dust control and flight visibility. Multiple windsocks were placed to help navigate the variable winds, and the crosswind runway was improved for those preferring a gravel surface for their “Tundra Tires”.

The subdivisions “North Fork Addition,”, “Lucky Lindy”, “Concorde”, “Aviator” and “Wiley Post” were added over the next decade, along with the paved taxiways and improved access roads off of Hart Lake Loop and Engstrom Road. Steppers Construction built the roads and taxiways and developed the larger tracts into habitable homesites with easy access to the road system and taxiways that lead directly onto the main runway. For safety to the north of the main runway with its needed access to tie-downs, fuel station, and float slips, John and several residents were able to secure the dead-end status of Beechcraft Road so that residents of the original 20 lots could safely access the taxiways from their homes with limited vehicle traffic.

The fuel station and lighted windsock were installed in 2000-2001. The Mat Su Valley Chapter of 99s first painted the “WOLF LAKE” air-marking on runway 6/24 in 2001 under the guidance of Patty Livingston and Jim Woodley, longtime Wolf Lake residents. Main runway lights and reflective markings were added in 2008. Air-markings were repeated by the 99s in 2006, 2017, and in 2020 after runway 6/24 was reassigned to 8/26 and resurfacing was completed by Mc Kenna Brothers Paving. A segmented circle was added in 2020 to offer airport pattern guidance to unfamiliar pilots.

Flight safety and access to aircraft services became the focus during the 2000-2020 period. The north side commercial lots were developed, and small businesses serving the aircraft community were attracted to the well-designed airport including mechanics, lodges, painters, parts suppliers, and in 2008 Life Med, the regional Medivac service. The float ramp was improved to accommodate Beavers and other remote lodge aircraft, and a volunteer safety patrol was established in the neighborhood to inform and encourage good safety practices around aircraft and to limit foot and vehicle traffic on the runways and taxiways.

On August 1, 2010, John Eshleman was fatally killed in a plane crash along with his good friend “Wild Bill’ Michael and his loadmaster Paul Quartly, due to an engine failure over Denali Park in Bill’s C123 “Large Marge”. In their honor the families of John, Bill, and Paul erected the Alaska Airmen’s Memorial Park at Wolf Lake, the only memorial park in Alaska dedicated to those Alaskans lost in flight.

Barb is now the primary owner of Wolf Lake Airport ( D.E. NorthFork LLC.) and in John’s honor has continued to work hard to make Wolf Lake Airport the premier private residential/commercial airport in Alaska.

Airport management continues to be handled through a contract with Steppers Construction Inc, who provides snow removal, grading, airport improvements, communication, and year-round support including operation of the fuel station and tie-downs at a competitive rate. Lot owners pay an annual Airport Use Fee to offset maintenance expenses, administrative costs, capital improvements, insurance, and a return on the original investment by the Eshleman family.

Future plans for Wolf Lake Airport include the development of the remaining tracts on the southeast end of the runway into residential/commercial lots, building covered tie-downs on the east end of the runway and nested hangers with a wash bay and public restroom on the west end.

Future activities being considered include hosting of the Spruce Creek Fly-In pilots in their SX300 formation flight visit, return of the summer “Mexican Friday” progressive dinners, and re-invigorating the local 99er women pilots group.

Owner Information

Are you interested in joining a private aviation airport and community? Already a lot owner? Discover what we have to offer at Wolf Lake Airport!

Annual Airport Use Fees
Annual use fees are calculated based on the prior year’s maintenance and administrative costs and are billed the following spring.

2020 Airport Fee Rates

Residential: $1,000 per lot

Commercial: $1,500 per lot

Airport Maintenance & Administrative Services

Yes! Our maintenance and administrative services help keep our airport and property safe for all flyers within or outside our community.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Snow removal
  • Grading of cross wind runway
  • Runway & taxiway sweeping
  • Crack sealing
  • Runway strip painting
  • Grass fertilizing & mowing
  • Taxiway brush clearing
  • Lighting electricity
  • General lighting maintenance of the airport and lighted windsock
  • Signage
  • Windsock replacement
  • Portable toilet provided year-round at the fuel station
  • Vandalism or Acts of God repairs

Our administrative services include:

  • Liability insurance
  • Office supplies
  • Office support/communication management
  • Event planning
  • Taxes
  • Accounting
  • Communication with residents
Airport Safety Committee
The Wolf Lake Airport Advisory Council is made up of property owners that meet quarterly to discuss and provide input to D.E. NorthFork, LLC for optimizing airport safety and community development.

Volunteers are welcome to join our safety patrol. We will provide flashing lights and metal vehicle signs.If you are interested in serving, please let us know! Email Mike Pannone (Chairman) or D.E. NorthFork, LLC.

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Want to get involved? Volunteer with our safety committee!

Wolf Lake Airport

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